Sunday, 18th January

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Olive, Palm, Sycamore Halls

  • Schedule

    15:00–15:30 - Registration and networking time

    15:30–16:00 - Welcome & Getting to Know Each Other

    16:00–17:00 - Be Good to Yourself the Way You are Good to Others

    Together with the MOR

    17:45 - Departure from Hilton Tel Aviv

    19:00 - Welcoming Reception

    • Hadassim School and Youth Village Sponsored by CanadianHadassah WIZO
    • Dinner
    • Salute to the South
    • Artistic interludes

Monday, 19th January

Ballroom C

  • Schedule

    09:00–09:15 - Happy WIZO Moments

    09:15 - 10:45 - Official Opening Session Participants’ Roll Call

    • Igal Dekel, Director General, World WIZO
    • Beto Maya, Director, Organization and Tourism Division, World WIZO

    In Memoriam

    • Raya Jaglom, Honorary Life President World WIZO
    • Helena Glaser, Honorary President World WIZO
    • Address
    • Tova Ben-Dov, President World WIZO
    • World WIZO Report 2014
    • Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson World WIZO Executive
    • WIZO Israel Report 2014
    • Gila Oshrat, Chairperson WIZO Israel

    10:45–11:15 - Coffee Break

    • For LES participants only - Olive, Palm, Sycamore Halls

    11:30–13:00 - My Success Story An intimate encounter with successful women in Israel

    • Michal Barkai, Founder and Director, Alma Preparatory Military School for Girls
    • MK Yifat Kariv, Yesh Atid Faction
    • Odelia Karmon, Political Advisor, Psychotherapist and
    • Professional Coacher

    13:00–14:00 - Lunch  Ballroom B

    • Together with the MOR  Ballroom C

    14:00–14:20 - The Voice of Aviv

    • Laurienne Baitz, Aviv Representative to the World WIZO Executive

    For LES participants only Olive, Palm, Sycamore Halls

    15:00–16:30 - The “Z” Word and WIZO

Tuesday, 20th January

Tour Day to the South

  • Schedule

    08:00 Departure from Hilton Tel Aviv

    09:30 - Security Overview

    • Noham Bedein, Director Communication Center Sderot
    • Sderot Comunity Center
    • Visit to WIZO Projects and tour of the city
    • Meeting with local families and lunch
    • Kibbutz Kfar Aza
    • Visit to the WIZO Center
    • Nes Tziona

    19:00 - Return to Hilton Tel Aviv

    Free night

Wednesday, 21st January

Ballroom C

  • Schedule

    09:00–09:15 - Happy WIZO Moments

    09:15–11:00 - Session by the Organization and Tourism Division, World WIZO

    11:00–11:15 - “WIZO Summer Camp” Initiative

    • Janine Gelley
    • Dotan Tamir, Director New Idea

    11:15–13:00 - Session by the Fundraising Division, World WIZO | From Success to Success New Campaign: WIZO-Opportunities

    • Esther Mor, Chairperson

    13:00–14:00 - Lunch Ballroom A

    14:00–16:00 - Session by the Publicity & Communications Division, World WIZO

    • Marketing and publicity in WIZO: The key to a successful and strong movement | Zipi Amiri, Chairperson

    16:00–16:30 - Coffee Break

    16:30–20:00 - Building our WIZO Future Together - Looking Ahead 

Thursday, 22nd January

Ballroom C

  • Schedule

    09:00–09:15 - Happy WIZO Moments

    09:15–10:15 - The Media War in the Middle East: Challenges that face Israel and the Diaspora

    10:15–13:00 - Ambassadors for Israel in an era of growing animosity

    • Panel with the participation of representatives of WIZO Federations Moderators:
    • Rolene Marks, Media Specialist
    • Alon Futerman, CEO TALMA, the Israel
    • Program for Excellence in English

    13:00–14:00 - Closing of the Meeting of Representatives

    • Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson World WIZO Executive

    14:00 - Lunch Café Med (R Floor)

    For LES participants only Olive, Palm, Sycamore Halls

    15:00–17:45 - Presentation Skills and Effective Messaging for WIZO.

    17:45–18:00 - Summing up of the LES & Distribution of Certificates

    Together with the MOR Ballroom B

    19:15 - Cocktail Reception Under the auspices of Tova Ben-Dov President World WIZO

    • Ballroom B Courtesy of Hilton Tel Aviv