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  2. MONDAY 18.1
  3. TUESDAY 19.1
  4. WEDNESDAY 20.1
  5. THURSDAY 21.1



Registration for the EGM, registration for tours, registration for committee sessions
IGT Hospitality Desk

16:00-20:00  World WIZO Meeting of Representatives at WIZO Headquarters
(by invitation only - transportation from the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv at 15:15)
15:00-18:00  Special Program for Aviv Members
(Until the age of 45) Olive/Palm/Sycamore
20:30  Aviv Hits Tel Aviv
Get-together outside the hotel (exclusively for Aviv members - Meet at the Hilton Tel Aviv lobby at 20:00)

The accompanying Persons Tour will take place from 08:30 – 18:00

08:00-13:00    Registration
Continued registration for the EGM, tours and committees
IGT Hospitality Desk

Opening Session of the 26th Enlarged General Meeting


Presentation of Delegations


Ratification of candidates for EGM positions
EGM Presidium; Presidium Chairperson, Steering Committee; Resolutions Committee, Elections Committee


In Memoriam


Raya Jaglom, Honorary Life President, World WIZO
Helena Glaser, Honorary President, World WIZO


Tova Ben-Dov, President, World WIZO


Artistic interlude


Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson, World WIZO Executive

10:45-11:30    Coffee Break

Session: "Women Taking the Lead"
Keynote Address: "Building Communities of Kindness"
Adi Altschuler
Google for Education Manager, Israel


Panel: WIZO Women as Agents of Change
Moderator: Daniel BennDirector WIZO Gruss Community Center Afula


Shulli GoiteinFootwear and Jewelry Designer


Fainy Sukenik GoldschmidtSocial Activist and Educational Counselor


Ghada Kamal, Chairperson WIZO Daliyat el-Carmel Branch

13:00-14:30    Lunch Break


Session: Yes We Can - Women Making a Difference
TED Style Talks – Speaker Coacher: Fleur Hassan-Nahoum
Host: Menachem Perry, Radio Broadcaster


"Why Most Women Skip Becoming CEO's" Revital Hendler, Serial Social-Entrepreneur 


"No Voice No Vote" Esty Shushan, Ultra-Orthodox Feminist


"Advancement of Populations Needing Equal Representation in Public Service" Emi Palmor, Director General Ministry of Justice


Artistic PerformanceBeat4it, Music, Drumming and Dance


"Zionism and Feminism" Dr. Einat Wilf, Senior Fellow at JPPI (Jewish People Policy Institute)


"Women and their Olive Trees, A Model for Co-Existence" Manuele Amar, WIZO France Executive Member


"Take a Step" Moran Samuel, Paralympic Rower



20:00-22:00  "Circles of Life"

Opening Ceremony of the EGM


Opening remarks: Tova Ben-Dov, President, World WIZO


Greetings: Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson, World WIZO Executive


Artistic program


"Women Taking the Lead in the Field" – Touring Day

● Discover the impact WIZO makes and be inspired at our social projects across the country.

● Meet outstanding women leaders who have dared to change the fabric of Israeli society.

09:00-10:00 Keynote Address: "The Economic Challenges Facing Israel Today"
M.K. Prof.
Manuel Trajtenberg
10:00-10:20 Presentation of Certificates to World WIZO Honorary Life Members and World WIZO International Council
10:20-10:40 Report
Gila Oshrat,
Chairperson WIZO Israel

Coffee Break


"Making It Real"Simultaneous skill workshops


Marketing Management for non-profits…creating a road map for success
Vered Amiel Sternschuss, Business and Marketing Consultant
Ballroom A


"Campaign It – Don't Just Fundraise" 
Esther Mor, Chairperson World WIZO Fundraising Divison
Ballroom B


"Digital and Social Media and the Jewish Non-Profit World"
Josh Hoffman, International Social Media Consultant
Ballroom C


"WIZO Women Become Israel Ambassadors" 

Olivier Rafowicz, Senior Consultant in Communication and Military Affairs
Rolene Marks, Media and Marketing Consultant


"Effective Messaging and Communication"
Fleur Hassan-Nahoum , Communications Consultant 
Jaffa Hall (Mezzanine Floor)


Lunch Break


The Road Ahead – WIZO towards 2020
Meeting of the Committees (simultaneous)  

14:15-15:15  "Foundations for the Future"
   ●  Committee No.1: "Winds of Change" Early Age Division
Ballroom C
   ●  Committee No.2: "Ensuring a Better Future for WIZO Youth" Education Division
Jaffa Hall (Mezzanine Floor)
   ●  Committee No.3: "WE = WIZO Empowers" Fundraising Division
Ballroom B
   ●  Committee No.4: "Caring for the Future" Organization & Tourism Division
Foyer next to Ballroom C
   ●  Committee No.5: "Staying Ahead of the Curve - Effective Marketing of the WIZO" Publicity and Communications Division

Committee No.6: "WIZO Women Securing the Future" WIZO Israel
Ballroom A 

15:00-18:45       Elections (for members with voting rights only)
King Solomon Hall



Meeting of the Resolutions Committee (by invitation only)

20:30-22:00 Maskit: Now and Then - Two Generations of Women's Entrepreneurship
A dialogue between Ruth Dayan, legendary founder of Maskit  and gifted designer Sharon Tal.
Ballroom B 




The accompanying Persons Tour will take place from 08:30 – 16:00

08:30-09:30 Approval of Committee Recommendations and Resolutions
09:30-10:15 Keynote Address: "Diversity and Employment"
Maxine Fassberg Intel Israel General Manager
10:15-11:00 Coffee Break

Keynote Address: "Israel's Security: An In-Depth Overview"
M.K. Moshe Ya'alon 
Defense Minister


Closing Session of the 26th EGM
Farewell to the outgoing World WIZO Executive

Election Results

Introducing and welcoming the incoming World WIZO Executive

Words of Farewell on behalf of WIZO Federations

13:30-14:45 Lunch Break
19:30-22:00 A Tribute to Tova

Closing event of the 26th EGM
Dinner and artistic program
Presentation of the 'Shield of Michal' in memory of Michal Modai z"l

Program is tentative and subject to change