Monday, January 18th, 2016
14:30-16:30   Session: Yes We Can - Women Making a Difference
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Esty Shushan is a Haredi- Orthodox woman, married and mother of 4.

Self-employed, Shushan has carved out a successful career in advertising, media and film. A publicist in the Israeli media she has also been a columnist for Ultra-Orthodox newspapers.  

She is a social activist against extremism and for women's rights in the Haredi sector. When exclusion and extreme restrictions against women became a norm in the "Haredi" ultra-orthodox society in Israel, Shushan decided to initiate a campaign “No voice, no vote” calling for a boycott of ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, parties that do not list women on their ballot.

She manages an ultra-Orthodox feminist Facebook group which deals with issues that are taboo in the community. She wrote and directed her first short film "Barren" that deals with the peer pressure to birth and raise large families which was screened at the Cannes Festival and UK Jewish Film Festival in 2015.