Monday, January 18th, 2016
"Women and their Olive Trees, A Model for Co-Existence"


ManueleAmar s

Manuèle Amar resides in Mulhouse, a large town in the Alsace région, close to the French border with Germany and Switzerland. Manuèle wears three WIZO hats; Chairperson of the WIZO Mulhouse chapter, member of the WIZO France Executive and the ECWF (European Council of WIZO Federations) delegate to the Council of Europe.

She is married to Gad and a mother of 3, with 1 newborn grand-daughter – her little Anna.

Manuèle has been devoted to WIZO since she stopped working as the manager of an import-export company in the early 2000s. She loves the creative part of the WIZO “job” and is proud to be one of the little bees working for WIZO.