EGM Videos: Thursday, 21.1

"Diversity and Employment" Maxine Fassberg
M.K. Moshe Ya'alon, Minister of Defense
Closing Ceremony: Magen Michal
"A Tribute to Tova"
A Tribute to Tova: I Can't Stop Getting Excited from You"
"A Tribute to Tova": Michelle Shimonov & Vladimr Blayberg
A Tribute to Tova: To Work and Craft
A Tribute to Tova - Beatles Potpourri by Danny Robas
A Tribute to Tova: Tova Ben Dov's Family Greetings
A Tribute to Tova: Nahalat Yehuda Dance Company
EGM 2016 - Huhihashle Band from WIZO Community Center in Afula
Huhihashle Band from WIZO Community Center in Afula2
"A Tribute to Tova" - My WIZO Legacy
"A Tribute to Tova" Esther Mor's Welcome Speech
"A Tribute to Tova" - WIZO Nahalat Yehuda Dance Company
"A Tribute to Tova" - Vladimr Blayberg: IMA (Mother)
"A Tribute to Tova" - Dana International