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WIZO Hungary celebrates it's 25th anniversary

I had the pleasure of attending the wonderful event

June 18, 2017




18 June 2017

Dear Chaverot,

On 23rd May WIZO Hungary celebrated its 25th anniversary, and I had the pleasure of attending the wonderful event. Also in attendance was Mr. Yossi Amrani, the Ambassador of Israel to Hungary, Judit Kardi, president of the Union of Hungarian Zionist Federations and Peter Kunos, Executive Director of MAZSIHISZ, the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary.

I am happy to share a short video of the event with you, and I would like to thank Kate Köves and all the great women in WIZO Hungary for doing such fantastic work.

May you go from strength to strength!




Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson, World WIZO