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A third generation WIZO chavera, Lili has supported numerous projects advancing needy students, young researchers, lab equipment and more

May 07, 2018

To Presidents and Chairpersons of World WIZO Federations

Dear Friends,

These are proud days for WIZO. At a ceremony that took place on 3rd May 2018 , the Tel Aviv University (TAU) granted honorary doctorates to a group of groundbreaking researchers and inspiring philanthropists from all over the world.One of the recipients was World WIZO Honourary Life Member Lili Peyser. WIZO1

 WIZO2Her first position in WIZO was volunteering at the legal advice bureau in Tel Aviv. Afterwards she was elected Chairperson of the Ramat Aviv Branch. From 1996-2004 Lili served as the Deputy Chairperson of the World WIZO Tourist Dept. and from 2004-2012 as the Chairperson. She is currently a member of the World WIZO Audit Committee.

Lili is a third generation WIZO chavera. Her maternal great-aunt, Ester (Fira) Rozov was the head of Immigrant Absorption at WIZO during the 1930's. Lili's mother, Sarah Racine, was a member of WIZO in Paris already in 1947. Her paternal aunt, Mila Racine founded the first young WIZO group in Paris. The WIZO Daycare Center on RechovBurla in Tel Aviv is named after her.

At the ceremony, this is how Lili was presented - :Lili Peyser-Racine, Israel - Born in Paris in 1939, Lili Peyser-Racine is an Israeli philanthropist, TAU Governor and an active member of the World WIZO leadership. Lili and her family fled to the south of France during the Nazi occupation; her parents joined the Jewish underground, forged documents andsmuggled Jewish children into Switzerland. In 1952 the family immigrated to Israel where Lili’s father established the Delek oil company. In the 1990's,  Lili and her sister took over management of the family charity established by their father. Lili joined TAU’s Israeli Friends Association and has since supported numerous projects advancing needy students, young researchers, lab equipment and, most recently, the Entrance Plaza at the TAU Botanic Garden. Lili is a committee member of the Knesset Speakers` Quality of Life Prize and the Azrieli College in Jerusalem.

I know you join me in congratulating  Lili, and wishing her many more years of good health, happiness and  blessed work for WIZO and the society in Israel.

Warm regards,


Esther Mor,
President, World WIZO