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May her memory be blessed. May G-d comfort her family among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

February 07, 2018

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February 6, 2018

Dearest Ruth,

You and Bruce z"l were blessed with four wonderful daughters Irit, Vered, Shoshana and Noga. But you also have thousands of children that received a wonderful equal education at your WIZO Day Care Centres and at WIZO Youth Villages. Thousands of peoples are alive today thanks to the treatment they received in Hospital facilities you built. The world of art is richer thanks to your patronage. 


I was fortunate to make your acquaintance twenty years ago when serving as Deputy Chairperson of the World WIZO Fundraising Department, and you a major donor with Bruce z"l the love of your life.  Over the years our relationship developed into a steadfast friendship. Last year, when I came to Geneva, you invited me to stay with you at the Villa. We had a wonderful time and in view of your passing, those precious days take on new meaning. You were my dear friend, role model and mentor. I mourn for you as I mourned for my own mother.

World WIZO has many major donors, but you stood out, because you were also a devoted WIZO member. You and Bruce always took time to attend WIZO major events. You were always regal, benevolent and generous, yet modest – never boasting, never condescending, never mincing words - but treating everyone with dignity and human courtesy – which is all you wanted from them in return. Through your quiet unpretentious manner and wisdom, you earned everyone's admiration and respect.  I don't think you ever knew how much affection accompanied you wherever you went. 

I know you were a favourite with WIZO staff, who would do anything for you, for Ruth the lady who spoke to them as equals. 

You and Bruce were a "power couple" before the term came into fashion. The love, partnership and respect you had for each other was amazing and a joy to behold. I remember when Bruce z"l heard that WIZO needed a rocket proof Day Care Centre in Sderot – he immediately took it upon himself to fund it, but stated that he would write the check only after talking to you about it. I thank G-d that I am blessed with the same with my husband Emanuel, and cherish the occasions the four of us spent together.  

Some years ago, I designed a new diamond Sponsor a Child brooch. I wore the model to an event. You saw it, liked it and asked if I'd sell it – I said I would – for a price that would provide for ten children. You immediately committed, I took the brooch off and gave it to you on the spot. After that you wore it at all WIZO events. When a basketball was auctioned at an event – you made the highest bid – sharing with us how you played the game when you were younger.

You also knew to appreciate and pay tribute to others. You established the Ruth Rappaport Prize and when Michal Modai passed away, you donated a Day Care Centre with the conditions that it be built in Haifa your hometown, and that it be named after Michal z"l.

Dearest Ruth, many will say you were a woman of valour – Eshet Chayil. I say you were a Tzadika – a righteous women, a saint and now united with your beloved Bruce- you are a guardian angel, watching over those, whose lives you graced.

Rest in peace dear one, I love you. I miss you.


Esther Mor,
President, World WIZO