Desk of Rivka


Desk of Rivka

A successful visit of WIZO Afula's Olive Tree Exhibition to the Netherlands

"If WIZO had never come into existence, the Jewish State would have looked very different from the advanced, democratic and enlightened Israel of today in which the Jewish nation throughout the world takes such pride".

Rebecca Sieff, October 1960

WIZO's message today to all members of the Israeli society is: everyone must join the fight against domestic violence and break the silence on violence against women.

Since the day WIZO was established in 1920, we have worked hard to support and improve the welfare of children and youth in Israel and we will continue to work tirelessly for the future of our children.

As part of the “Immagini & Parole” Festival organized in Rome by ADEI WIZO, our Olive Tree Project, alternatively titled, “Arte per la Pace” (art for peace) was on show in the heart of the old city.

My important mission to Brazil included meetings with WIZO chaverot, local officials, the Jewish community and Jewish school students.

WIZO believes in the condemnation of violence, and promotes tolerance, equality and mutual responsibility. We see it as our primary responsibility and have set a goal of passing these values on to the coming generations, under our guidance, in order to create a stronger and better Israel.

CHW Hadassim and WIZO were honored to welcome two VIP guests: well-known German astronaut, Dr. Reinhold Ewald, and MK Karine Elharrar.

WIZO - Situation Update

October 13, 2015

We, in WIZO, try to take all possible security measures to keep our children safe.

I feel real pride in our students' achievements and hope and pray that in the coming year we continue to be even more productive in the education and empowerment programs for our students attending our WIZO youth villages.