Desk of Rivka


Desk of Rivka

A deeply moving ceremony with youths who made Aliyah alone and found a warm home here in Hadassim.

Day after day, we succeed in achieving more miracles, adding more light to the world, making it a better place.

Recently I travelled to northern Israel to CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village to meet the staff and see the youth village. There I was given a tour of the Robotics labs, saw and heard about the matters relating to the cowshed and met the junior high school students to hear about their social and learning experience at the school.

Seventy years ago, when the news broke out about the vote of the United Nations in favor of creating a Jewish State in Eretz Israel, thousands of women, children and men in the Yeshuv took to the streets to celebrate the historic day.

It was very meaningful event because it showed the constant generosity and welcoming heart of Israel, alongside the generosity of our donors. The contribution from Canadian Hadassah WIZO and the Goldman family has made Israel a welcoming and safer place for young Jews around the world!

Amongst the 115 award recipients of the “gold medal”, 56 were WIZO students(!) from WIZO Schools and Youth Villages. I was honored to present these gold awards to students who have proven to be tomorrow's leaders in the State of Israel. 

Jaqueline loved the children of Israel with her heart and soul. Thanks to her thoughtful sister, she continues to care for these children, giving them protection and guaranteeing their future.
Commemorating Jacqueline’s memory will be a source of light and blessing to all of the children at the DCC!

To me, Sukkot always symbolized the connection each of us has with the land of Israel. For the time of Sukkot marks the harvest here in the holy land.

When I look back at all we have done over the past year, I remember all the children, women and youth who were touched, inspired and empowered by our work. This Yom Kippur we can be proud of our WIZO work and look forward to the coming year, in which we will continue, as is part of our Jewish heritage, to carry out this sacred mission of ‘Tikun Olam’.