Desk of Rivka


Desk of Rivka

I would like to thank our teachers and the dedicated staff who put their time and efforts into making their pupils achieve their musical dreams.



I am proud to announce that yesterday, following nearly two years of intense campaigning on our part the Knesset approved the National Early Age Council Bill in the second and third readings.


I was delighted to take part in this special moment that marked the culmination of a year-long program which included Jewish education, culture and values that empower the youths. Every week, the youngsters learned about their Jewish tradition and culture by going on excursions to Jerusalem and the Western Wall, and to the Knesset, where they learned about democracy and the political leaders. 

This year 63 students graduated from High School. Fifteen of them have decided to do a year of Shnat Sherut (a year of volunteer work before the army). It warms my heart to see how these youths, who came to our Youth Village in need of support and help, have decided to give back to the community after finishing High School. It makes me proud to see them put into practice the WIZO values they learn at our institutions and support vulnerable people in our society.

It was indeed a very emotionally charged ceremony for all involved: for the students, who completed an important stage of their lives; for the proud parents who worked hand in hand with their children, and last but not least, for our WIZO staff, who invested their time and effort into bringing out the best of each of the students and helped them overcome their difficulties.

We were very proud to see how our students, who came to WIZO Achuzat Yeladim in need of help and support, managed to turn their lives around for the better and thanks to our WIZO values, have learned to give back to society.

A very special visit to Budapest in celebration of WIZO Hungary's 25th anniversary

We had a marvelous celebration and heard from our WIZO instructors, teachers, and social workers and other members of WIZO staff who work tirelessly to support Israelis every day and ensure a bright tomorrow for Israeli society – from birth to golden age.

On Monday, I appeared before the Knesset's Education Committee to speak out about the chronic underfunding of special education in Israel.

Following months of campaigning and repeated visits to the Knesset, the Committee for Labor, Welfare and Health unanimously voted in favor of a new bill that is set to introduce wide changes into the early childhood education.