Desk of Anita


Desk of Anita

On Monday, I appeared before the Knesset's Education Committee to speak out about the chronic underfunding of special education in Israel.

Following months of campaigning and repeated visits to the Knesset, the Committee for Labor, Welfare and Health unanimously voted in favor of a new bill that is set to introduce wide changes into the early childhood education.

Liat wore new clothes that were bought specially for her. She was all made up by a professional cosmetician that teaches our pupils. Close family relatives also came to celebrate with Liat in this moving evening. That evening Shy Liat never stopped smiling, she was so happy.

Our greatest reward is the great privilege of educating children and adolescents, and to see them grow and thrive, and bloom.

Our graduates rejoice, with beaming faces and with bright eyes, full of pride after completing high school and with a plethora of thanks to the staff that virtually saved them

June 8, 2017 will be remembered as a very important date for the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, and perhaps for the entire Jewish world

I had the pleasure of attending the wonderful event

Shavuot 2017

May 29, 2017

Wishes from Prof. Rivka Lazovsky for the holiday of Shavu'ot

A Message from Prof. Rivka Lazovsky for Jerusalem Day

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with our Chaverot in WIZO Manchester and across the United Kingdom, and those killed and injured in the barbaric attack in Manchester last night.

We pray for those who are missing to be found safe and sound, and wish a speedy recovery to all those who were left injured.