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Farewell Raya Jaglom: The Mover of Mountains

Today, WIZO marks the end of an era as Raya Jaglom forged the unbreakable link between our founding mothers and the WIZO's leaders of today.

August 03, 2017




2 August 2017

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Dear Chaverot,

It is with deep sadness and pain that we announced today the passing of Raya Jaglom, our legendary World WIZO Honorary Life President.

Today is a very difficult day as we have lost a visionary WIZO leader, a devoted Zionist, and a role model who inspired generations of women worldwide to Tikkun Olam (Repairing of the World).

Today, I have lost a dearest and most admired friend and a long-standing mentor, who supported and empowered me to become the WIZO leader I have come to be.

Today, WIZO marks the end of an era as Raya Jaglom forged the unbreakable link between our founding mothers and the WIZO's leaders of today.

Since 1941, when she first joined WIZO, until her final day, Raya embodied the principle of leading by example. She was a formidable leader who moved mountains and crossed enemy lines to touch the lives of Jews in Israel and around the world.

However hard I try, I cannot find words to encompass all she has done and achieved over the years, nor the legacy she has left behind.

There is a short anecdote Raya once shared with me that best encapsulates her spirit. In the early 1990's, she was told that there was a difficulty with building a new WIZO Day Care Center in East Talpiot. She was told that the location of the newly built Angela and Marcel Clairmont Day Care Center would place it between two hills.

Raya would not have it. She rushed to the office of the renowned Jerusalem Mayor and friend Teddy Kollek and urged him to remove one of the hills. He of course could not refuse her. Shortly after, the hill was removed and our Day Care Center was situated in a beautiful and convenient site.

This is Raya Jaglom – a woman who would never take no for an answer.

Nothing could ever stop her. She followed in the footsteps of our founding mother Rebecca Sieff and transformed her vision into a flourishing reality.

I will forever be proud to be her protégé, a third generation of WIZO leaders who had the honor at the age of six of handing her flowers on her visit to WIZO Uruguay.  I will forever be proud to continue realizing the vision that she has placed on our shoulders. 

Today, as we mark the end of 76 years of endless contribution, dedication and work for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world, I would like to say a final thank you to Raya Jaglom. I would like to thank her in the name of each one of us, Chaverot worldwide, and in the name of generations of Israelis who were privileged to benefit from her efforts, and build a better, happier and more successful life.

On behalf of World WIZO, I would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

She will be sorely missed by all of us.

יהי זכרה ברוך

May her memory be for a blessing



Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson, World WIZO 


 Photo by: Kfir Sivan