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Working Visit to CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village

Recently I travelled to northern Israel to CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village to meet the staff and see the youth village. There I was given a tour of the Robotics labs, saw and heard about the matters relating to the cowshed and met the junior high school students to hear about their social and learning experience at the school.

December 11, 2017





Nahalal 1

 December 11, 2017

Throughout the year, I travel across the country on working visits to our institutions to see the activities of all of our projects and teams on the ground. There is no better way to do that by hearing first-hand from our staff and those who use our services.

Each of these visits adds another dimension to the monthly reports I receive from our institutions and divisions for they provide a comfortable and personal space for our students and staff to share with me their thoughts and experiences, which sometimes cannot be properly expressed in paper.

Just a few days before Chanukah, I had another important working visit, this time I travelled with Igal Dekel, World WIZO CEO, to CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village to meet the new Director Galia Elef and her staff and tour around the youth village.

We visited the Mahut Center, toured through the Robotics labs, saw and heard about the matters relating to the cowshed and sat with the junior high school students to speak about their social and learning experience at the school.

I was very impressed by our students and their sense of involvement in the life of the youth village. I was particularly impressed by several students who suggested changing the menu of their meals to include other nutrients.

The staff told me about the need to increase the number of classes for new students who arrive from Jezreel Valley.

It was lovely to return to our beautiful CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal Youth Village, a place with so much history and tradition of excellence. It was a very fruitful visit that allowed me to catch up with everything that has happened since my last visit and see the wonderful work that is carried out.

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Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson, World WIZO 


Nahalal 1

11 de diciembre de 2017

En el curso del año, recorro el país realizando visitas de trabajo a nuestras instituciones para ver personalmente las actividades de todos nuestros proyectos y equipos. Ya que la mejor manera de enterarse es de boca de nuestro personal y de quienes reciben nuestros servicios.

Cada una de estas visitas agrega una nueva dimensión a los informes mensuales que recibo de nuestras instituciones y divisiones, ya que agrega un espacio personal para que nuestros alumnos y nuestro personal compartan conmigo sus pensamientos y sus experiencias, lo que generalmente es difícil de transmitir por escrito.

Unos pocos días antes de Janucá, realicé otra importante visita de trabajo, esta vez con Igal Dekel el Director General de WIZO Mundial, a la Aldea juvenil CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal para encontrarnos con la nueva Directora Galia Elef y su personal y recorrer juntos la aldea juvenil.

Visitamos el centro Mahut, recorrimos los laboratorios de Robótica, vimos y oímos sobre el establo, nos sentamos con los jóvenes alumnos de la Escuela Secundaria para conversar sobre su experiencia educativa y social en la Escuela.

Quedé sorprendida por nuestros alumnos y su compromiso con la vida de la aldea juvenil. Especialmente por la sugerencia de varios de los alumnos de introducir cambios en las comidas para que incluyan más variedad de alimentos.

El personal me contó sobre la necesidad de aumentar la cantidad de clases para nuevos alumnos que provienen del valle de Jezreel.

Fue un placer retornar a nuestra hermosa Aldea juvenil CHW-WIZO.UK Nahalal, un lugar con tanta historia y tradición. Fue una visita muy fructífera que me permitió actualizarme sobre lo que sucedió desde mi última visita y ver el magnífico trabajo que realizan.

Nahalal 2


Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson de la WIZO Mondiale