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Neve WIZO Executive Visit

WIZO executive members learn first-hand about the life saving work of WIZO foster homes.

May 04, 2017



Dear Chaverot,

I recently took part in a moving and informative visit to the Neve WIZO foster homes along with other WIZO executive committee members.

Neve WIZO is a community of foster families, consisting of four homes meant to answer the distinct problem of child neglect and abuse in Israel. These cases very often result in the removal of the affected children from their homes by the Israeli welfare authorities.


WIZO is determined to continue to provide these at-risk children with whatever they need in order to overcome the difficult circumstances of their lives, beyond what the government welfare system can. Neve WIZO is a unique, comprehensive long-term foster program for children aged 4-18. Children enter the WIZO program by court order, undergo extensive testing to assess their needs, and receive a multi-faceted package of care: therapeutic, educational, extra-curricular, medical, etc.

This visit gave the WIZO executive members an opportunity to learn a great deal about the day-to-day work of Neve WIZO, both from Yardena Nof, the supervisor of the program, the therapeutic staff and the house mothers, who themselves care for the foster children from some of the most dysfunctional, unfit and impovershied homes in Israel. 


As always, I was astounded to witness the dedication of WIZO staff on all levels, and humbled by the great work the organization is doing to change the lives of the underpriviledged and neglected children in Israel.




Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson, World WIZO