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WIZO Chaverot around the world responded impressively to the global Shabbat project

Approximately 200,000 WIZO chaverot light candles last Friday,  added  a special prayer for Israel and conducted Tzdaka activities. 

October 31, 2014

Last Friday (24 October 2014). Jews a;; over the world marked the Shabbat in a special way, while observing it in the traditional manner, within the framework of the" Global Shabbat Project" – "Coming Together To Observe The Shabbat", initiated by Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa.

The WIZO movement joined the initiative, and displayed an impressive response with 200,000 members of the movement from Israel and all over the world taking part. They lit Shabbat Candles, carried out Tzdaka activities and prayed for the wellbeing of Medinat Israel and World Jewry.

At the weekend, our WIZO Facebook was filled with photos of WIZO women from all over the world that supported the initiative; that recruited their local Jewish community and together lit special Shabbat Candles; they initiated and participated in big events that united the whole community behind the initiative. Our WIZO chaverot contributed to disseminating the message of Am-Israel's unity, while spreading our WIZO values and hope around the globe

The WIZO Shabbat Project - SpreadingLight with WIZO was initiated by the WIZO Federation in South Africa and under the auspices of Tova Ben-Dov, President World WIZO, who called upon all WIZO Federations worldwide to join the initiative. Mrs. Ben-Dov praised the impressive response of the WIZO chaverot saying - :" I am proud the WIZO movement is taking part in this important project. It is heartwarming to see this global effort that has helped spread WIZO's values so admirably".

Mrs. Ben-Dov explained that it is both a WIZO right and a WIZO commitment, as one of the largest international women's movements in the world, to participate in the initiative and to lead it within many of the Jewish communities. "Observing the Shabbat is a women's mitzvah (good deed). The Jewish woman, brings the light into the house and is the source of inspiration for her family. That is why the lighting of Shabbat Candles by so many WIZO women worldwide will bring light and blessing to the State of Israel and to all the Jews in the world."

WIZO Chaverot around the world responded impressively to the global Shabbat project

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