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Straight Facts #12

The latest intsallment of hasbarah-related information

May 07, 2017

Shalom Chaverot

I present the latest edition of Straight Facts. We hear from BBC broadcaster, Tim Samuels about the extraordinary work the IDF is doing for Syrian civilians, read about why you can be both a Zionist AND a feminist, get a new news resource and more.

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Tim Samuels: Inside an Israeli hospital treating Syrians:

We are all heartbroken at the images that are flooding the media of the horrendous civil war in Syria that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and injured too many. Listen to BBC broadcaster, Tim Samuels, riveting expose on the incredible humanitarian aid that Israel is administrating to injured civilians. Syria is still considered an enemy country. Listen here:


A noble intersection – where Zionism and Feminism meet:

Linda Sarsour would appear to be a rising star of feminist causes. However, a controversial and offensive comment she made a few weeks ago inferred that women could not be both Zionist and Feminist. This article aims to dispel that claim:


Get your news update – daily from Israel!

Want your daily dose of news fresh from Israel? Check out ILTV – the latest news service provider bringing you the latest headlines from the Holy Land. Simply subscribe to receive news in your mailbox every morning with live broadcasts, panels and more. View here:


Will the US Embassy move to Jerusalem?

That is the million dollar question! This in depth article takes a look at what kind of impact moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might mean for the region but what about all the other embassies that are already in Jerusalem? Find out more here:


Dr Einat Wilf Talks Zionism

One of the foremost experts (and great fri9end of WIZO) on Zionism, Dr Einat Wilf sat down with advocacy group, Stand With Us, for this illuminating discussion on Zionism. View here: