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Straight Facts #13

The latest intsallment of hasbarah-related information

June 19, 2017

Shalom Chaverot

Welcome to another edition of Straight Facts – bringing you interesting and useful resources that will help you to become global ambassadors for Israel.

In this very visual edition, we travel back in time – to 1967 and explore the Six Day war. Who were the players and volunteers, what were the ramifications and more! We explore our timeless connection to Jerusalem and view the latest Talking Tachlis with Rabbi Lau.

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World WIZO Executive: Public Diplomacy & Hasbarah – Office of the Chairperson

Your complete guide to the Six Day war

How did it start? What were the circumstances that led to the war? How did it play out in the media? HonestReporting have put together this invaluable resource that has everything you need to know about the Six Day War:

The Volunteers of 1967

They came from around the world, heeding the call to serve Israel in her time of need. Who were these willing volunteers? This illuminating documentary takes a look at those who dropped everything to serve:


A Timeless Connection

Jews have had a connection to the land of Israel since time immemorial. There are international bodies, such as UNESCO who have passed outrageous and scurrilous resolutions denying Jewish claims to our beloved Jerusalem.  Watch this clip and be inspired by our timeless connection:


A Palestinian Mandela?

Marwan Barghouti is hoping to position himself as the “Palestinian Mandela” and a possible successor to President Mahmoud Abbas. Who exactly is Marwan Barghouti?

Marwan Barghouti is a former leader of Tanzim, the armed wing of Fatah, and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, both terror organisations responsible for the murder of many Israeli civilians. Barghouti is serving time for the planning and directing of the murders of 5 Israelis. Read more here:



Talking Tachlis: Yom Hashoa edition: Interview with Rabbi Lau

World WIZO commemorated Yom Hashoa with a special edition of Talking Tachlis. In this episode, we have a conversation with World WIZO Chairperson, Prof. Rivka Lazovsky and our special guest, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi and child survivor of Buchenwald Concentration camp.

During this emotional and moving interview, you will the laughter of Israeli children and we could not help but be moved by the triumphant sounds of happy children, free to play and laugh in their schoolyard after hearing about the darkest chapter in our history.

The interview is in Hebrew with English subtitles. May the memories of all who perished be blessed.