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Straight Facts #3

The facts that you need to know! WIZO is committed to helping you to become great Ambassadors for Israel.
Edition #3

June 05, 2016

Shalom Chaverot,

Last month, Israel has finished commemorating and celebrating the “Yomim”, the national holidays. Yom Hashoa – Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron – Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror and Yom Ha’atzmaut, Independence Day. We are aware of painful loss of our 6 million and the 23,447 who have fallen in defense of the country as well as the thousands of victims of terror.

But we also celebrate what we have – with abundant joy!!  This year Israel marks thousands of years as an ancient land but 68 as a modern state! 68 has never looked so great!

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What sparked Israel’s recent Wave of Terror?

The ITIC [Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] published a comprehensive summary of the Palestinian terror wave that began seven months ago. Among the many topics included in the study are analyses of trends, statistics on attacks and casualties as well as profiles of the attackers, which include motivating factors such as the roles of incitement, religion and social media.

Attached is a copy of the executive summary (overview), which can be found at:

The full 57 page document (PDF version) can be found at:


Is there a link between Hamas and BDS?

It has often been stated that the BDS movement is Anti-Semitic at its very core. During recent testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ Jonathan Schanzer presented evidence of a troubling link between a main source of funding for BDS and the terrorist Hamas movement.  Read more in the article below:


The truth behind the Hamas terror tunnels

Nearly two years ago, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge which endeavoured to both put an end to the incessant rocketing of the country and to destroy Hamas’s sophisticated network of underground tunnels.  What do we know about the tunnels and how do we stop Hamas from digging more? This fascinating article explains more:


NGO Funding – what you need to know

There has been a lot of buzz around NGO’s (Non-governmental organisations) and where they receive their funding. How much of this is legitimate and how much goes towards campaigns to undermine relations between Israel and the Palestinians or campaigns of de-legitimization. NGO Monitor is dedicated to exposing where the money is going to. Read more about their work here:


BDS – What you need to know –Chapter 2

We can all become super pro-activists in the fight against BDS! In the second Chapter of the toolkit which I have compiled for you, there are some tips and useful sites. I hope this is of service to you.