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Straight Facts #6

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Edition #6

August 18, 2016

Dear Chaverot,

It is the summer of love here in Israel! We have welcomed a whole host of international superstars like the legendary Carlos Santana, who are keeping Israelis entertained throughout the sweltering summer.

We are also cheering on our Olympic hopefuls – with a 47 member strong delegation to Rio, the largest ever, we are super proud and wish them all behatzlacha!

In this edition we take an in depth look at ISIS, debate the importance of balance in opinions of the Israeli government, see how Hamas infiltrated World Vision and learn what constitutes a red line when reporting on the Middle East.

We also present the second episode of Talking Tachlis with special guest, Yigal Palmor who is the Director of Communications for the Jewish Agency for Israel. This interview is in English, French and Spanish.

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Warm regards,

Rolene Marks

World WIZO Executive member: Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

Office of the Chairperson

Who is ISIS?


The very mention of ISIS is enough to send a chill down your spine and brings up visions of medieval barbarity. Who exactly is ISIS and have they made any significant gains in territory in the Middle East? Dr Reuven Ehrlich from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre compiled this report:


The importance of balance in opinions of the Israeli government 

This very interesting article by Robert Fulford that was published in the National Post examines the importance of democracies being aware that they cannot always show balance – especially when dealing with asymmetrical warfare. Read why here:


The Hamas takeover of World Vision


World Vision is one of the most respected NGO's that provides humanitarian assistance in over 100 countries.

But what happened when Hamas infiltrated the organization and well intentioned donations were diverted to funding terror? Read all about it here:


Selective Omission when reporting on the Middle East


The Middle East is one of the most complex and volatile regions in the world. It is vital that when reporting on the region, context is included. Selective omission by journalists has adverse effects. Watch this video by HonestReporting to understand why this is a red line in the fight against media bias:


Talking Tachlis Episode 2: Yigal Palmor – Director of Communications, Jewish Agency for Israel


Last week, I was delighted to chat with Yigal Palmor, former Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman and Director of Communications for the Jewish Agency for Israel, about growing anti-Semitism and what you can do in your country to be a pro-activist for Israel. To all my French and Spanish speaking friends, Yigal recorded special messages for you as well.

We invite you to join in the conversation!