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Straight Facts Volume 15

The latest intsallment of hasbarah-related information

November 06, 2017

The latest intsallment of hasbarah-related information


Anti-Semitism as we know is rising at alarming levels throughout the world and  this issue of Straight Facts is dedicated to focusing attention on how it is manifesting in certain regions. We will take a look at recent manifestations in the USA, Germany and how it has played out in Africa. We will also look at the “new” anti-Semitism and how it is affecting our youth on campus. It is a slightly bigger issue than usual and we hope that you find it useful and share it with your Federations and friends.


Anti-Zionist Jews don’t speak for us!

Is it peer-pressure or an ideological belief? One thing is certain, the concept of anti-Zionist Jews, especially amongst millennials, is very perplexing – and frightening. But not all Jewish millennials buy into their rhetoric. Read more here:

Has the heat of worldwide anti-Semitism become too hot for the Jewish people?

Hardly a day goes by without alarming incidents of anti-Semitism occurring somewhere in the world, whether it is the USA or Barcelona or anywhere. Is Israel the only safe place for Jews? In this sobering and outstanding op-ed, Mayor of Bal Harbour, Gabriel Groisman, examines this:


What do the latest election results mean for Germany?

Why are European countries leaning more towards the right? Germany seems to be the latest country where election results have displayed a leaning to the right. For the first time since World War 2, there are fascists in the government. A very worrying phenomenon – read more her:


Anti-Semitism in Africa

Did you know that Jewish communities once thrived in Africa? Due to anti-Semitism and various other factors, most have left the countries they came from. How has anti-Semitism impacted the African continent? This article explains:



Anti-Semitism in Australia has a distinctly American tone

Has the manifestation of the alt-right in the USA emboldened others of the same ilk around the world/ Alex Ryvchin looks at how anti-Semitism is manifesting in Australia and notes that it bears the same trademarks in this article:


The Mutation of Anti-Semitism

Over the centuries, anti-Semitism has manifested in various forms. It mutates to adapt with the changing times and technology. The former Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains this in the YouTube featured in the article below – click on the link below:



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