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Straight Facts Volume #16

The latest intsallment of hasbarah-related information

February 12, 2018

This edition of Straight Facts is more “visual” than usual with a lot more video content. We hear from a true warrior against BDS, Mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida, how we can use law fare to defend Israel with Brooke Goldstein, insights from survivor and thriver, Galit Levi and more. 

Conan O’Brien says Israeli doctors deserve Nobel peace prize

Late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, recently visited Israel and was amazed by what he saw. O’Brien visited Ziv Hospital in the north and was incredibly moved by the work that is being done to help Syrian 


Gabe Groisman on why it is important to stand up against BDS

Today more than ever, it is so important to stand up against hatred and use our voices. Mayor of Bal Harbour (and member of our WIZO family), Gabe Groisman explains why we cannot be apathetic – we have a duty to speak up:

Using the law to defend Israel

This clip is a longer than most but well worth the time. One of the battlefields that is proving to be very effective is the legal front. Brooke Goldstein, Founding Director of The Law fare Project, explains more here:


UN delegates shocked as Palestinian exposes PLO human rights abuse

The United Nations is a hotbed of anti-Israel activity so imagine their surprise when Mosab Hasan Yousef (also known as the “Son of Hamas”) schooled representatives about the human rights abuses committed by Palestinians. You can view it here:


Talking Tachlis with Galit Levi

How do we cope with and triumph over adversity? Talking Tachlis spoke to Galit Levi, lawyer, businesswoman, mother and cancer survivor about her journey. This will inspire you!


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