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Straight Facts Volume #19

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July 02, 2018

Dear Chaverot

May was quite an extraordinary month for Israel. It was a month of great celebration and also, great challenges. The month began with the incredible announcement of what has to go down in history as one of the greatest spy capers of all times pulled off by the Mossad, the capturing of the Iranian nuclear archive, was revealed and then the historical move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital, Jerusalem. May was also a month of security turmoil for the State of Israel as the “Great March of Return” orchestrated by Hamas, continued its assault on Israel’s border with Gaza and culminated in a day of violence that resulted in 60 dead Palestinians, 50 of whom were Hamas. This did not deter the media from launching a scathing attack against the Jewish state.

In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at some of the events making up “May madness” and read some of the most outstanding op-eds published. From the New York Times to personal blogs, there is a variety of opinion for you to enjoy.

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Iran lied – what should we do about it?

Iran lied. Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed what was hidden in the top secret Iranian nuclear programme archive after it was removed from Iran in a stunning feat that only the Mossad could pull off but what needs to happen now? The Tower Magazine investigates:


Tougher sanctions – this is what is needed for Iran

Bret Stephens examines the history of the Iranian nuclear deal and the intrigue and lies that formed the background of the deal. Read more here:


Hamas – the master manipulators

Hamas are the masters at manipulating the world media. One only has to look at how they have successfully manipulated the “Great Return” protests to court the sympathy of the world and hide their more nefarious intentions. Veteran journalist, Matti Friedman opines:


A protest by any other name:

Protests used to be a peaceful gathering of people who had something to say or stand up against. For several months, Hamas have been forcing their citizens in the Gaza strip to march on Israel with the intention of breaking through the barrier. The results could be devastating. Rolene Marks writes here:


A soldier speaks

Kinley Tur Paz was there. He was at the border with Gaza and shares his eye witness accounts and explains that IDF soldiers did everything that they could to prevent loss of life. Read more here:


How Israelis see the world

Is the world against Israel? Many Israelis feel that despite our overtures the world completely misunderstands us. Yossi Klein Halevi examines how Israelis believe the world perceives them and some of the circumstances that have contributed to this:

If you missed the US Embassy move coverage or would like to re-live this momentous occasion, here is the ceremony:


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