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Straight Facts Volume #20

In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at the US withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, the devastation caused to the environment by war and much more.

August 14, 2018

Dear Chaverot,

I hope that you are all well. It is the summer holidays here in Israel and these past weeks have been difficult – especially for our citizens in the South who have had to deal with an escalation in rocket attacks as well as arson terrorism that has burned thousands of acres of agricultural land and nature reserves, creating a potential eco disaster.

As many children around the world enjoy their summer vacations, Israeli kids in the South have had to stay close to their shelters as the situation has become more and more precarious. Our prayers are for an end to this terror once and for all.

In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at the US withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, the devastation caused to the environment by war and much more.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families L’Shana Tova Umetukah – may it be a year filled with abundant blessings and peace.

Warm regards,

Rolene Marks

World WIZO Executive: Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

+ 972 52 582 9090

All You Need to Know about the US Withdrawal from The UN Human Rights Council

Human rights for everyone – except Israel? The USA withdrew its membership from the UN Human Rights Council, citing, among many other things, its pathological obsession with the Jewish state. The Tower magazine takes an in-depth look at the withdrawal and exactly who the UNHRC is:


While the World was Denouncing Israel…

While If Not Now activists were busy leaving Birthright trips and many were criticizing Israel and ignoring the civil war, the IDF was busy providing humanitarian assistance to civilans affected by the Syrian civil war. Read how they do it here:


The Greatest Mossad Caper of all Time?

We all want to know how they did it! David E. Sanger and Ronen Bergman take us behind the scenes of one of the Mossad’s most daring missions of all time:


Injured Syrians Find Humanitarian Hope in Israel

Syrian civilians have endured years of civil war and the one safe haven that offers humanitarian hope in a sea of destruction is an unlikely friend – Israel. The UK Independent investigates:


Finding the Lost Jews of Montenegro

Montenegro is a tiny, exquisite country nestled in the Balkans. Once part of the former Yugoslavia that endured a painful and complicated history, Montenegro is investigating its once lost Jewish community. Read more here:,7340,L-5313626,00.html


An Open Letter to Animal Rights Activists

Kites, balloons, condoms…kestrels? The appalling use of kestrels (a bird from the falcon familiy) as Molotov cocktails should have the animal rights activists up in arms. Read this open letter addressed to human rights activists:


The Price of War on the Environment:

HonestReporting takes a look at the catastrophic effect that war or conflict has on the environment. As arson terrorists from Gaza continue to send incendiary devices into southern Israel it is important to understand the devastation that this conflict has on vital agricultural land and natural habitat:


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