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Straight Facts Volume #25

This edition of Straight Facts features a look at the riots on the border with Gaza, the Mayor of Bal Harbor discussing the importance of fighting anti-Semitism and much more

March 28, 2019


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As winter winds down, so election season heats up – and all the politicking that goes with it! Israel’s enemies in the South are using the opportunity to ramp up violence on the border – and rockets fired into the country have many wondering if we could be taken to the brink of war and what impact it could have on the elections.

In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at the riots on the border with Gaza; Mayor of Bal Harbor discusses the importance of fighting anti-Semitism and more.

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IDF: Questions and Answers regarding Gaza Border Riots

Since March 2018, Hamas have been encouraging Gazans to riot on the border with Israel. Far from peaceful, these riots are extremely violent – with nefarious intentions. The Israel defense Forces (IDF) has prepared this document with the most frequently asked questions. Please share it as wide as possible so that we can dispel some of the gross accusation s against the state of Israel.


Why Are Leading European Countries Helping Iran?

The Paris-based watchdog group Reporters without Borders (RSF) recently revealed that Iran arrested, imprisoned, or executed at least 860 journalists in the three decades between the 1979 revolution and 2009, according to leaked Iranian justice department documents. In addition, tens of thousands of Iranian citizens — including minorities, opposition members, journalists, and individuals accused of non-political crimes — have been illegally detained, tortured, or executed by the regime. So why do European countries still support Iran? Read more here:


From Local to Global – We Must Fight Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is rising at alarming levels around the world and the time has come for all of us to fight bigotry and anti-Semitism, wherever it may occur. Mayor of Bal Harbor, Miami, Gabe Groisman writes this article explaining how he wrote and passed the nation’s first municipal ordinance prohibiting Bal Harbor’s municipality from entering into contracts with entities involved in the boycott or divestment of any authorized trading partner of the United States, including Israel. Read more here:


Blaming Israel for Supporting Apartheid

One of the accusation s that anti-Israelists frequently make is that Israel was a major supporter of the Apartheid regime. But what about the other countries that traded with South Africa? Israel’s trade was miniscule in comparison. Rolene Marks writes more here:


YouTube Clip: Terrorists in Suits

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs recently released a report explaining the links between terrorists and BDS. This YouTube clips explains the connection and helps identify those terrorists who are involved in BDS “fundraising” efforts.


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