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Straight Facts Volume #26

This edition of Straight Facts features an inside look at YAMAM (Israel’s Top Secret counter-terror unit), UN Watch director's Hillel Neuer's interview of Nikki Haley and much more

May 01, 2019


Dear Chaverot

I hope that you all enjoyed your Chag!

As I write this, our communities around the world are reeling at the news of yet another antisemitic fueled shooting – this time at the Chabad of Poway in San Diego. Later this week, Israelis will mark Yom Hashoa – Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes day and we are once more reminded of the consequences when hatred goes unchecked.

It is vital that as WIZO women that we are empowered and in turn can educate our communities about the importance of standing up to rising antisemitism.

In this edition of Straight Facts we go inside YAMAM, watch Hillel Neuer interview Nikki Haley and more.

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Rolene Marks

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The Protests Hamas Don’t Want You to See

Residents of Gaza have been taking to the streets in protest of …Hamas. While this has barely made international headlines in the mainstream press, it is hugely significant. But Hamas don’t want you to know about these protests. Read why:


Has Amnesty International Lost the Plot?

Amnesty International, used to enjoy a pristine reputation as one of the foremost non-governmental organisations that was at the vanguard of ensuring the rights of the truly oppressed. They raised a proud voice to free icons like Mandela, release prisoners of war and brought human rights to the global consciousness in a noble and erudite manner. Lately it seems like the once venerated human rights organization has an obsession – Israel. Rolene Marks writes more:


Shurat Ha Din Releases 2018 Annual Report

Taking on terrorists one at a time! This is the sacred work of Israeli legal NGO (non-governmental organization) Shurat ha Din. The organization recently released their 2018 report of their activities. You can read all about it here:


Inside  YAMAM – Israel’s Top Secret counter-terror unit.

Go inside the elite YAMAM unit of the IDF and get a rare glimpse inside how these counter-terrorism professionals operate. Read all about split second decisions and challenges and the exceptional skills that this highly secretive unit encompass.


Hillel Neuer interviews Nikki Haley

Two icons in the fight against prejudice against Israel at the United Nations sit down and chat. Watch UN Watch director, Hillel Neuer, interview the extraordinary Nikki Haley,


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