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Straight Facts Volume #27

This edition of Straight Facts examines the rise in antisemitism around the world, the use of fire as a tool for terror, an in-depth interview with the deputy prosecutor of the Adolf Eichmann trial and much more

June 03, 2019


Dear Chaverot

I hope that this finds you well. I have just returned from missions to Australia and to the USA where I was absolutely delighted and privileged to attend and speak at WIZO conferences in both countries. I am absolutely humbled and blown away by the joy and dedication that our chaverot have for WIZO and I cannot wait to share my report with you all very soon.

We are all alarmed at the rise in antisemitism around the world and in this edition of Straight Facts, we examine how it has resurfaced in the article titled “the re-emergence of the Jewish question”, we also examine fire as a tool for terror, sit down with deputy prosecutor of Adolf Eichmann, Judge Gabriel Bach and more.

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The Mensch Who Put the Monster on Trial

“Not a day goes past that I don’t think about the Eichmann trial”. Judge Gabriel Bach, one of the prosecutors who put notorious NAZI, Adolf Eichmann on trial sat down with Rolene Marks to share his memories and experience with her. Read more here:


Fire as a Weapon of Terror

Over the last year we have become horribly familiar with how arson has been used by terror group like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip to sow fear amongst the citizens of Israel’s south. This is not unique to our neighbourhood – read how arson is fast becoming a weapon of terror around the world.


The Re-emergence of the Jewish Question

Antisemitism is rising to levels not seen since prior to World War 2 and it is coming from the far left and alt-right. In this article by Shalom Lappin, we examine the political economy of antisemitism and how it can be resisted:


The World Faces Many Tragedies. The Lack of a Palestinian State Features Low on the List

Israel’s conflict with her Palestinian neighbours certainly gets its fair share of attention and dominates world headlines. There are so many tragedies around the world that the issue of establishing a Palestinian state is becoming increasingly low on the list of global priorities. James Kirchik writes this for the LA Times:


Listen: Deborah Lipstadt and Peter Beinart Discuss Antisemitism

Take some time to listen to this podcast featuring two (often divergent) high profile opinion makers, Peter Beinart and Deborah Lipstadt as they discuss antisemitism from a variety of perspectives.


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