Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Milestones for the Youth Village and its Students are Celebrated Back to Back

The 96-year-old organization, a champion of rights, ethics and equality in Israeli society, will now have its own written code of ethical behavior 

Racheli Mangoli, Chairperson of WIZO Pardes Katz, is available around the clock to the neediest people of her adopted community, one of Israel's weakest.

While the students of WIZO Achuzat Yeladim Boarding School and Residential Home were unhurt, the campus, the only safe home for many of them, incurred serious damage and will need to be rebuilt as soon as possible.

For the 2016 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, WIZO brings attention to its year-round work and calling on the public and government to invest in prevention of abuse as the best form of treatment.

To mark the 2016 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on the November 25th, WIZO produced a video focusing on the subject of prevention. In the video WIZO is calling on the government of Israel to devote resources not only to treating abused women AFTER the abuse, but to preventing the abuse form happening at all.

In Vancouver, New York and New Jersey, Esther Mor met with volunteers, baked challah bread, and delivered the WIZO message to important federation events.

Past WIZOuk Chaiperson Jill H. Shaw recounts the recent, unique trip taken by WIZOuk members and volunteers to some of the WIZO projects which promote and exemplify diversity and coexistence in Israel.

The World WIZO President celebrated with local supporters, sponsors and volunteers in southern Germany.

The President of the National Council of Austria and leaders from the Vienna Municipality visit WIZO projects and honor Barbara Prammer, a trailbalzer of Austrian support for WIZO.