Latest Updates


Latest Updates

World WIZO wishes all our chaverot and loyal supporters across the globe Shana Tova – a Happy New Year

This Rosh Hashana, and beyond, you can make a difference in a child's life.

WIZO's unique assisted living facility celebrates 30 years of improving the lives of Israel's veteran citizens in the heart of Tel Aviv.

At a ceremony bringing together political leaders and young over-achievers, WIZO students receive the highest possible honors from a British initiative operating around the world.

Jewish and Arab women artists of the WIZO Afula Community Center document the experience of traveling around the world with their previous exhibition.

WIZO implements an innovative program for children's developmental guidance in its daycare centers, nation-wide.

A group of volunteers from the Christian nonprofit organization "Bridges for Peace" have been quietly lending a hand with important tasks at WIZO's biggest project.

Three students speak about the decision to go from unsatisfying public schools to the WIZO Gan veNof boarding school and the positive change it's made in their lives.

Liran Markin of WIZO Nahalal recently won a top medal at this year's prestigious international student science competition.

Education minister Naftali Bennett marked the first day of the new school year with a visit to WIZO Nir HaEmek