Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Tova Ben-Dov, President of World WIZO was at the reception to mark this event.

Shana Tova to everyone! 

Minister Deri said during the visit:  'I thank WIZO for your contribution to the education of the children of Israel and for nurturing the future generation.  WIZO deserves all the credit for her investment in the Day Care Centers and for the equal opportunities in education that it gives to so many children, from a cross section of the population in Israel

It's Giving Time

September 01, 2015

Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in a child's life. 

The exciting farewell party was all about love, giving and voluntarism

Succot tour

August 30, 2015

Join us on Thursday, October 8th 

The hall was full on Tuesday 25th August 2015, when the WIZO Haifa region celebrated WIZO's 95th Anniversary 

Beit WIZO wore the colors of chag on Sunday in celebration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of our amazing movement.