Latest Updates


Latest Updates

50 WIZO daycare volunteers from Germany and France gathered at the WIZO headquarters to celebrate the conclusion of a meaningful year of learning while giving selflessly

Ha'Nivcheret, which just completed its second year, prepares ultra-orthodox women to take on public leadership roles in civil society, local and national politics and in their own communities

At the 10th Annual International Meeting of Young Beekeepers' (IMYB) in Slovakia, the students will learn about the future of ecology while forming cross-cultural friendships

For the 6th straight year, the youth village’s student musicians rocked the year to a close

Following a four-year struggle waged by WIZO, which included an appeal to the High Court of Justice, the Ministry of Education announced an equalization of the terms of study of 9,500 special education students in schools run by public bodies, organizations and associations

Hundreds of families flocked to the WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village campus in Rishon Lezion to celebrate Shavuot and learn how to protect our planet

Joined by Bat Mitzvah girl Maya Crystal and her family who generously sponsored this year's celebration, the event provides children from underprivileged backgrounds the special rite of passage every Jewish child deserves

The new WIZO program, which opened last year in Tel Aviv and expanded to Kiryat Gat, provides teenage girls the skills they need to lead

WIZO Australia-sponsored Makom Balev Centre for Young Women in Distress in Beersheva, where the Sylvia Smaller-Winnikow Garden was dedicated, gives young women tools and support for building their future

The celebration of the second-ever graduating class of the WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village Fire & Rescue Cadets Program revealed the spark behind this unique and empowering program