Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Celebrating 98 years since World WIZO's founding

Hosted at CHW Hadassim, recipient of the National Education Prize awarded by Israel’s Education Minister, the event showcased WIZO’s excellence in educating and empowerment Israel’s youth

The prestigious “Pras HaChinuch”, the highest possible honor that can be conferred upon an educational institution in Israel, comes after the school won the Education Ministry's Excellence Award for three consecutive years

The celebration of the first-ever graduating class of the WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village Fire & Rescue Cadets Program revealed the spark behind this unique and empowering program

The troupe’s energetic performances celebrating Israel’s 70th Independence Day made a deep impression on the sold-out French audiences and on the young Israeli performers as well

After capturing second place in the prestigious national Autonomous Vehicle Competition for Students, the Nir HaEmek Autotech program sets its sights on the road ahead

WIZO congratulates the State of Israel on 70 years of independence.

WIZO wishes you a very Happy Pesach!

From playground duties in WIZO Day Care Centers, gardening and decorating at WIZO schools and youth villages, to working in the kitchens of WIZO's Parent's Home, the WIZO team exemplified WIZO’s volunteering spirit.

From female celebrities smashing sexists myths to the construction of a glass ceiling in the middle of Tel Aviv to raise awareness of gender inequality, WIZO marked and celebrated International Women's Day 2018 with several important initiatives and events.