Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Hundreds filled Tel Aviv's Performing Arts Center on Monday night for a nostalgic concert of singers from Israel's legendary Nahal Troupe in a WIZO benefit concert for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence.


Celebrating "Israel at 70", 100 WIZO leaders and representatives from 20 countries across the globe gathered in Tel Aviv for the 2018 MOR, a packed week of sharing, planning, bonding and first-hand encounters with the meaningful work WIZO does across Israel.


Spot light on the theme of: children exposed to domestic violence between their parents.

"I dreamed of my Belgian volunteers also feeling this emotion and this euphoria that we experience on returning to our annual meetings."

Thanks to generosity of Tricia Schwitzer and WIZO Belgium and Luxembourg, the children of WIZO Neve Nof Day Care Center in Lod now have new space, facilities and toys to learn, play, and create happy memories together.

The Israeli Youth Award program has been operating for a decade in WIZO and has managed to bring great significance and feelings of empowerment to the life of youth in our youth villages.  

This is the third year of WIZO's collaboration with The Shabbat Project which unites Jews around the world by asking them to light candles and keep one Shabbat simultanously, one weekend a year.

WIZO Men's Hotline

November 06, 2017

What makes this unique is that often when it comes to domestic violence, talking about the men is considered taboo. WIZO, by creating these much needed hotlines, is perhaps able to prevent any further acts of violence from taking place.


Three of WIZO’s finest graduate from the IAF Pilots Course