Latest Updates


Latest Updates

This is the third year of WIZO's collaboration with The Shabbat Project which unites Jews around the world by asking them to light candles and keep one Shabbat simultanously, one weekend a year.

WIZO Men's Hotline

November 06, 2017

What makes this unique is that often when it comes to domestic violence, talking about the men is considered taboo. WIZO, by creating these much needed hotlines, is perhaps able to prevent any further acts of violence from taking place.


Three of WIZO’s finest graduate from the IAF Pilots Course

During the last few years, dozens of non-Jewish young women have come to Israel to volunteer in WIZO day care centers, as part of a joint programme of World WIZO and the Israel Volunteers’ Association.

Amy, Mercedes and Jenny were moved to tears when the children of the center welcomed them with music and song. Later, the guests got to play, dance and sing with the kindergarten children.


A graduate from CHW Hadassim returns to Israel with his family for the first time, visiting his childhood home.

A corollary event to the annual WHA, organized by WIZO representatives to the United Nations, awarded prizes to Israel's lifesaving Emergency Medical Teams

WIZO was recently chosen as a VP representing international organizations on the WJC executive committee


WIZO Austria's annual fundraising gala was both a social and fundraising success.

CHW Hadassim students reconized for their next-gen lawn mower