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10 Things You Didn't Know About Esther Mor, the New President of World WIZO

Get to know the new president of World WIZO in ways you didn't expect.

March 09, 2016
10 Things You Didn't Know About Esther Mor, the New President of World WIZO

WIZO is, in some ways, a heterogeneous organization created by and for Jewish women. However, its volunteers, members, friends and leaders represent a wide, colorful spectrum of people, backgrounds, ideas and narratives. In honor of the still-fresh term of World WIZO's newest president, which officially began in January, here are 10 curious facts about Esther Mor, the woman who might just have the most multi-cultural and captivating life story in WIZO.

(You can look forward to a full-length article about Esther Mor in the upcoming issue of the WIZO Review)

  1. Esther was born in Peshawar, in modern-day Pakistan, to Russian parents.
  2. Esther is a polyglot; she speaks English, Hebrew, Italian, Bukhari (Persian), French, Japanese, Hindustani and Urdu. She is currently studying Chinese.
  3. Esther attests to never having personally experienced anti-Semitism despite having lived in places as varied as India, Japan and Italy.
  4. Esther's mother was active in the WIZO group in Bombay, India.
  5. After moving to Israel in the 1980s, in order to overcome the language barrier, Esther established a completely new WIZO group in Savion.
  6. Curiously enough, Esther first collaborated with World WIZO as a jewelry designer - designing the WIZO membership pins and many others!
  7. Esther's years spent living in Italy led her to develop strong bonds with the Italian diplomatic mission in Israel; she even arranged for Andrea Bocelli to perform in Israel, with the help of the Embassy's connections. Some of the proceeds from the event went to WIZO.
  8. Esther believes that the key to WIZO's success and what sets it apart from other organizations is its loyal volunteers and their total commitment"I don’t know of any other organization with such committed and selfless members."
  9. Beware: Esther is a good bridge player.
  10.  Esther loves cooking and baking.


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