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The prestigious “Pras HaChinuch”, the highest possible honor that can be conferred upon an educational institution in Israel, comes after the school won the Education Ministry's Excellence Award for three consecutive years

June 14, 2018

At a special ceremony in Jerusalem yesterday, Israel’s Education Minister, MK Naftali Bennett, presented CHW Hadassim Youth Village, sponsored by Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, the prestigious “Pras HaChinuch” – the National Education Award, the highest possible honor that can be conferred upon an educational institution in Israel. This award comes after the school won the Ministry's Excellence Award for three consecutive years.

Ze'ev Twito, Director of CHW Hadassim Youth Village, proudly accepted the award together with the Chairperson of World WIZO, Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, CEO of World WIZO Igal Dekel, Hadassim’s Principal Eli Bezalel and Boarding School Director Yossi Levy.


CHW Hadassim received the award after it was nominated by the Rural Educational Authority to represent them in the national competition.  תעודה

In his congratulatory letter, Boaz Colombus, Inspector of the District's State Educational Authority and Chairperson of the Authority's Award Committee, praised CHW Hadassim: "For us, at the Rural Educational Authority, you [CHW Hadassim] are an example for excellence in education and for leading a professional and outstanding team that successfully combines educational content with values both within the youth village and in the local community."

CHW Hadassim was established in 1947, the year before Israel was founded. Ever since, the youth village has absorbed waves of immigration, continually changing and readapting itself in order to meet the needs of the times.

"It is very timely that CHW Hadassim receives this exceptional award in the 70th year of Israel's independence as the history of Hadassim is intertwined with the history of the State of Israel, Prof. Lazovsky said. "I would like to congratulate the staff of CHW Hadassim, headed by Director Ze'ev Twito, and thank Canadian Hadassah-WIZO for their ongoing support and commitment to this wonderful youth village."

“I am so proud of the recognition our school received today,” Twitto said. “I pledge that CHW Hadassim will continue to provide an excellent education for the benefit of all our students for years to come." 

ZeevCHW Hadassim Director Ze'ev Twito

Learn more about CHW Hadassim in this video:

 Photo Credits: Shlomi Amsalem