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The fifteen graduates, who completed the three-year, one-of-a-kind program in Israel for high school youth, attended regular high school classes at WIZO Gan Vanof while also taking specialized courses at a local veterinary college

October 25, 2018


In a festive ceremony on October 25th at the Veterinary Teaching University Hospital campus in Rishon LeZion (Beit Dagan), the first-ever graduates of WIZO Gan Vanof’s Veterinary Program proudly received their diplomas.

"Today is the fulfilment of a dream!" Galia Meiron, the former principal of WIZO Gan Vanof, told the 15 members of the inaugural graduation class. “I am so proud of all of you!” 

The program, which operates in cooperation with the Hebrew University (The Magid Institute for Continuing Education) in Jerusalem, trains the students in veterinary medicine and culminates in a veterinary nurse’s license alongside full high school matriculation. The veterinary nursing program is an adult continuing education program, but has been adapted for part time studies over three years for Gan Vanof's youth. WIZO Switzerland are the generous sponsors of this program.

In addition to their regular high school studies at WIZO Gan Vanof, the students in the three-year program also take specialized veterinary courses at Beit Dagan, a local college for veterinary studies. In the program, students learn about animals, treat hospitalized animals, and assist doctors in imaging and surgery. The program includes studies in anatomy, chemistry and biology, as well as areas of medical and paramedical knowledge, such as common diseases, vaccine theory, types of drugs and animal nutrition.

Among the special guests attending the graduation were Eva Wyler, President of WIZO Switzerland. Eva addressed and congratulated the proud graduates. Also in attendance were Annette Crandell - Deputy Director of World WIZO's Fundraising Division, Uri Saar- Director of the WIZO Gan Vanof Youth Village, and Galia Meiron - former Principal of WIZO Gan Vanof.


The Gan VaNof Youth Village in Petach Tikva (sponsored by WIZO Switzerland and WIZO Panama) is home to a large agricultural farm that includes a dog kennel, stables, zoological garden housing a large array of birds and reptiles, a greenhouse and a lab for the genetic cloning of plant tissues. “The farm represents an integral part of the course of study,” Gan Vanof Director Uri Saar said, “where students work, study and do research.” 


Two of the Gan Vanof Veterinary Studies Program Graduates

“The first-ever graduating class of the WIZO Gan Vanof Veterinary program is indeed a historic occasion,” World WIZO Chairperson Prof. Rivka Lazovsky said. “What is unique about this program is that it is a combination of theoretical high school studies and academic learning. This is an exclusive initiative offering graduates a full matriculation certificate and a license to work as a veterinary nurse - an in-demand profession in Israel. Programs like this one allow students to smoothly transition into the workforce. Congratulations to all the graduates!”


Eva Wyler, President of WIZO Switzerland, with the graduating class

Photo Credits: Yonatan Sredni