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Hadassim graduate returning home

A graduate from CHW Hadassim returns to Israel with his family for the first time, visiting his childhood home.

July 19, 2017


David Alpern Janine

(The Alpern family, Chairperson of the Aviv, Organization and Tourism Division Janine Gelley, Hadassim staff member Asi) 

Thirty-five long years have passed since CHW Hadassim graduate, David Alpern, currently a California resident, returned to the village of his youth for the first time since he graduated, accompanied by his wife and three children, for an exciting and emotional visit.

David came to CHW Hadassim's high school as an Ole Hadash (a new immigrant) back in 1979, and graduated in 1982.

During the tour of the village memories from his youth came to him one by one while seeing the path to the dormitories, the dining room, the sports hall and the library. He shared his memories about his classmates with his family while walking through the village. Many of them were Persians (who came to Israel after the fall of the Shah) and some were new immigrants from the Soviet Union. He was surprised to learn that the village today offers its students six different languages to learn (next year Chinese will be added too), adding to the multiplicity and multiculturalism of the school.

One of David's schoolmates has arranged a reunion during his stay in Israel this summer. In this occasion, David will now be able to tell the others that just met Rina during his visit at the village, who was their assistant biology teacher back in 1979 – until today.

David, who has become an IT expert by profession specializing in search engines, enjoyed entering the new Robotics classrooms at the school. The Alpern Family was impressed by the massively renovated state of the art facilities and the school's advanced adaptation of new technology to be up to day with modern day trends.  

David has been invited to share his experiences from the visit on the Radio station "Radius 101", but gave us a preview of his feelings and impressions during the visit.  "For me today, as someone from the west, it is so good to see the fundamental changes that have taken place updating the village. It's all modern and comfortable now as opposed to when I was a student here. The classrooms now serve the purpose of the students.  Yet, it is still a great feeling to be able to recognize these places after 35 years."    

He concluded that it was a heartwarming visit, especially coming back here with his family, and he highly recommends it for other graduates. He was proud to show his family where he spent his teenage years, and his teenage children were very interested to see where he grew up.

David Alpern

(David with Rina, the assistant biology teacher)