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Nostalgic Nahal Night: WIZO Benefit Raises Money For Treatment & Prevention of Domestic Violence

Hundreds filled Tel Aviv's Performing Arts Center on Monday night for a nostalgic concert of singers from Israel's legendary Nahal Troupe in a WIZO benefit concert for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence.


January 25, 2018



Nostalgic Nahal Night: WIZO Benefit Raises Money For Treatment & Prevention of Domestic Violence

Nostalgia was in the air on Monday night at Tel Aviv's Center for the Performing Arts where hundreds of Israeli music lovers came to enjoy a one-time, one-of-a-kind reunion benefit concert by singers from Israel's legendary Nahal Troupe. All proceeds from the WIZO organized concert "From Nahal with Love", which celebrated 70 years of Israel's independence, went towards preventing and treating domestic violence. 

An Israeli military music troupe that traveled across the country performing for IDF soldiers to boost morale, Lahakat HaNahal (The Nahal Troupe) is best known for its songs about the land of Israel. The troupe was also the starting point for many famous Israeli singers and entertainers including: Miri Aloni, Sassi Keshet, Tuvia Tzafir, Alon Olarachek, Shula Chen and many others. At the WIZO benefit concert, lengendary members of the Nahal Troupe, including Aloni, Keshet, Tazafir and others, sang some of the troope's greatest hits inclding: "Birds", "Eucalyptus Grove", "Song for Peace", and many others. The concert was produced by the Asner brothers, Uzi and Chaim. 


"It was truly a special and unique evening," Gila Oshrat, Chairperson of WIZO Israel said. "It was so wonderful that the stars of the Nahal Troope throughout the generations reunited for this great event which raised money for such an important cause, preventing and treating domestic violence."

"The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel is an ideal time to honor the first band established by the IDF, the Nahal Troupe, with this nostalgic concert featuring many of its original members, Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive said. "This unique production is in line with WIZO's activities, which are intertwined with Israeli society. More importantly, tonight's concert raised money to prevent and treat domestic violence. Thanks to WIZO, hundreds of women and their children are able to find a warm home and have a new opportunity to live without violence."