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Special Volunteers at WIZO Day Care Centres

During the last few years, dozens of non-Jewish young women have come to Israel to volunteer in WIZO day care centers, as part of a joint programme of World WIZO and the Israel Volunteers’ Association.

October 29, 2017

Rebecca, 25, from France is one woman who has come to Israel to participate in this programme. She says “I sometimes think Israel chose me and not the other way round,” She admits her family was nervous about her decision to come: “At first my mother did not agree, but in the end I persuaded her... my parents thought I was coming to a war zone! The security situation didn’t worry me. I see the news but don’t believe all the media. I prefer to see things for myself. Now I say to everyone: Come and see, this is an amazing country.”

The Volunteers’ Association provides accommodation, living expenses, pocket money and takes care of the girls during their stay. Keren Prado, Director of the Association’s International Division says: “We arrange programmes to suit every nationality; the girls want to come to Israel because they are attracted to our programmes. The numbers are increasing due to the success and feedback from the girls.”

רבקה מתנדבת מעון ויצו 2

Rebecca with the children at the Day care Center


ונסה מתנדבת במעון ויצו מגרמניה 2Vanessa is an 18-year old volunteer from Germany “I had no set plans for when I finished school, so I decided to come to Israel and volunteer with children,” she says. “It was very spontaneous, I hardly knew anything about the country but it was an opportunity to experience a newculture and environment. I am so happy I came!”

She explains how surprised she was at her family’s supportive reaction when they heard she was coming to Israel. “I checked out loads of Internet sites and could see it is a very special country. I knew the situation isn’t as dangerous as it seemed; besides the security situation in Europe today is not so different!”


Dr. Neomi Moreno, Director of World WIZO’s Early Age Division is very enthusiastic about the progamme: “It helps us showcase the work and activities of WIZO in the early age sector. The volunteers see many aspects of Israel and its diverse population. Afterwards they return home with positive experiences and memories and become goodwill ambassadors for Israel!”