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The election of WIZO representation at the World Jewish Congress

WIZO was recently chosen as a VP representing international organizations on the WJC executive committee


April 30, 2017

Dear Chaverot,
We would like to correct a mistake in a post from this past Thursday, April 27th, about the election of WIZO representation at the World Jewish Congress.

According to the official documents from the organization (available here: 15 vice presidents were elected: five representing communities, three representing international organizations (including WIZO), four representing the WJC Executive and three representing of the next generation (for further details address the attached document or link).

As mentioned in the WJC report, and as was the custom throughout the years, WIZO as an organization was chosen as a vice president in the WJC. Whoever represents WIZO in every role, is elected and confirmed by the executive.

We would like to thank Raya Jaglom, who achieved this tremendous achievement for WIZO, tens of years ago, and since which WIZO, as an organization, continuously acts as a vice president at the WJC.