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The Farewell Party for Dudu Moatty

The exciting farewell party was all about love, giving and voluntarism

August 31, 2015

20150827 211728The Farewell Party held for Dudu Moatty last Thursday (27 August 2015) at the Gruss Community Centre in Afula, sponsored by WIZO Holland and, was all about love, giving and voluntarism. Dudu is leaving the Community Centre after serving as Director for ten successful years.

The love and appreciation showered on Dudu, evident in every word and gesture, left a deep impression on everyone. The song "Thank you for what you have given me" sung by Dudu's son moved us to tears. His wife delivered a moving and humerous speech demonstrating what a wonderful and close-knit family support Dudu in all he does.

All spoke highly of Dudu and praised him: The Mayor of Afula Yizhak Meron; The head of the Education Division in the Municipality; Yossi Goshen who served as Deputy Mayor; the Head of the Gendre Department and other representatives from the Municipality; Dr. Michal Rotem the Director of the World WIZO Education Division; The representative from the Joint described the wonderful work Dudu carried out for the needy; A member of the Ethiopian community that Dudu lovingly cared for, spoke with much emotion about his work and especially about the Bar-Bat Mitzvah project he faithfully held every year; A member of the Old Age Pensioners group spoke of the trips they take and their volunteering in the Centre; The group of Noar Oved VeLomed (the Working and Studying Youth) that combine volunteering in the Centre with their other activities; Volunteers, new immigrants from France that the Centre helps facilitate their absorption;

And of course the "Olive Tree Project" – that brought Jewish and Arab women to paint together – a first class Hasbara project; These women travel all over Europe, at their own expense, to display their exhibition and explain how peaceful  co-existence between Jews and Arabs is possible in Israel. The exhibition that has been displayed in Belfort and Tulouz (France), Lucerne - Switzerland, Italy & Frankfurt Germany has been very successful and attracted big audiences. The success of the exhibition at a time when Anti-Semitism and BDS are on the rise is very significant.

Dudu was very excited and moved from the revelations of love he was exposed to.

The evening went on until nearly midnight. After a festive meal – prepared in totality by volunteers – Dudu passed the reins to his successor – Daniel Asher and wished him much luck.


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