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The Israeli Youth Gold Award ceremony 2017

The Israeli Youth Award program has been operating for a decade in WIZO and has managed to bring great significance and feelings of empowerment to the life of youth in our youth villages.  

November 12, 2017

At the end of October, British Ambassador David Quarry honoured 140 teenagers in his home by hosting a closing graduation ceremony, for the annual Israeli Youth Award activity.

The Israeli Youth Award program was designed by the Duke of Edinburgh over 60 years ago, it operates in 133 countries around the world and it has managed to bring about a global change among youth. It has been operating in Israel since 1984 and for a decade in WIZO.

The concept of the program is to offer worth to the lives of young people and is centered on four tracks- developing a hobby, contributing to the community, physical activity and challenging adventures.

WIZO is the only social organization in Israel alongside schools, local authorities and community centers that fully implements the program. WIZO has about 400 students from all their youth villages and schools participating.

At the end of each year an award is given to the participants – Bronze for the first, silver for the second and gold for the last.

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, World WIZO Chairperson: "What this program does for children is unbelievable. It empowers them; they grow strong, and mature. The change is significant and today we see how they truly become future leaders of the State of Israel and our society."

We at WIZO are very proud of the youth from our youth villages and schools, who not only finished their studies successfully, but also learnt the values of giving back to society through social responsibility during this program. 

Watch below the Israeli Youth Award ceremony: