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The Shabbat Project - WIZO spreading the light 23 Oct. 2015

Be a Part of the Shabbat Project!

October 12, 2015

This year’s global Shabbat Project will take place on the shabbat of October 23-24, 2015. Following the heart-warming success of last year’s #spreadinglight campaign, World WIZO has decided to take part in the Shabbat Project again this year and invites its Chaverot around the world to do the same.

The Shabbat Project is a completely unique, international grassroots Jewish-identity initiative that aims to unite Jews around the world by asking them to light candles and keep one Shabbat, simultaneously, one weekend a year. WIZO's collaboration with The Shabbat Project was initiated last year, through the WIZO Federation in South Africa, where a huge portion of the country’s unaffiliated Jews wound up observing shabbat simultaneously - many for the first time.

WIZO has decided to collaborate with the Shabbat Project because the act of communal candle lighting has the potential not only to bring physical light but also the values and ethics that are a part of WIZO’s message - including the unity of the Jewish people and unity with the State of Israel, into people’s homes and lives.

WIZO hopes that by participating in the Shabbat project, its local chapters will bring together members, friends, neighbors and family to light candles, welcome the Shabbat, and create an atmosphere of community, love of Israel and shared Jewish heritage. Furthermore, every time that WIZO members around the world come together is an opportunity to connect, compare projects and showcase our amazing organization.

Each local federation can take part in the Shabbat Project in any way it sees fit, according to the needs and desires of its members and community. All federations will receive relevant material that can be printed or disseminated on social media.

So, get your members onboard! Organize shabbat events. Come together. Light candles. Encourage participants to take “shabbat selfies" with their shabbat candles and send them to WIZO for posting on the World WIZO Facebook page and sharing on other social media platforms with the hashtag #spreadinglight.


Step-by-step instructions on how to #spreadlight and to promote the initiative: 

In the next 2 weeks prior to the Shabbat:

  • Take photos & video clips with Shabbat candle sticks & a poster reading: “WIZO (name of Federation/ city) #SPREADING LIGHT “Twin with your project in Israel or another Federation or City “ WIZO (name of Federation/city) #SPREADING LIGHT with (name of project/Federation/city).
    Post them on your WIZO federation Facebook and World WIZO Facebook also send them to:
    Email: or/and   
  • If you would like to Join the Shabbat Project – Keeping it together and observe the entire Shabbat register as an individual or WIZO member – just remember to post the events  as WIZO events with WIZO banners/shirts.
  • Send information on the Shabbat to all your members/community press etc.
  • Inform your community Rabbi about this initiative and ask him to mention WIZO and its work in his sermon at Shul.
  • Promote donations to WIZO as Tzedaka or in lieu of a Shabbat gift.
  • Sell goods such as WIZO labelled matches & candles.
  • Create a WIZO Tzedaka Box for your home.
  • Organize a WIZO Challa bake, lectures,


On the Shabbat: 

  • Give Tzedaka in (WIZO) Tzedaka Box in your home.
  • Recite a Kavana before lighting the candles.
  • Light Shabbat Candles and make a prayer.
  • Host a Shabbat dinner with family and friends.
  • Host a WIZO Communal Shabbat dinner.



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