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WIZO observes International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The WIZO Newscast.

January 05, 2015

Domestic violence is a phenomenon that occurs in about 200,000 families in Israel, and is witnessed by some 600,000 children. In 2014 ten women were killed by their spouses and hundreds of similar attempts take place yearly. Such events, destroying families on all levels of Israeli society, represent a cross section of social sectors and statuses.
WIZO is proactive in promoting equality of the sexes and reducing domestic violence via a wide range of help and therapies for women and children subjected to violence. These include battered women’s shelters, centers for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence and tens of other programs around the country designed to help victims of domestic violence. For the past two years, a designated WIZO Helpline for violent men seeking a way to change their behavior has also been in operation.

WIZO has long understood that there is clearly a need to alter the established view of this phenomenon as an extreme one involving only women, and to raise awareness of a more complex, widespread situation to be tackled by the whole of society.

This is the story of Ronit, a battered woman who sought refuge in a WIZO shelter with her two daughters and turned her fear into strength.