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WIZO Students Convince Their Hairy Teacher to Make an Unexpected Display of Charity

WIZO Nir HaEmek students lead a hair donation campiagn to help local cancer patients.

March 15, 2017

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The student council at WIZO Nir HaEmek Youth Village, encouraged by students Hoshen Peretz, Paz Saso and Ofek Michael, recently held a hair donation day at the school to benefit children suffering from cancer, in cooperation with a local nonprofit organization. No less than 20 students and three teachers volunteered to "go under the knife," with their hair to be used for wigs for cancer patients. The young volunteers got certificates of appreciation, lauding them for their display of values in action.

Perhaps the emotional highlight of the day was when WIZO Nir HaEmek teacher, Shlomi Bertler, whose head of long silky hair had not been cut for the past 20 years, submitted to the unremitting and excited requests of his students and decided to donate his hair as well! "Since the day I was released from the IDF, I haven't been to a barber and no scissors have touched my head," said the teacher, a modern day version of the biblical Samson. "At first, I said, 'No.' But this morning, when I realized the tremendous willingness on the part of my students, I decided to join them. Their desire to give made me realize that I should lead by example and I'm happy that I did. I will now spend the next few decades growing my hair back," added Bertler.

Ronen Vaturi, head of the student council, and Esty Cohen, Director of WIZO Nir HaEmek, praised all those who donated their hair and announced that they'd repeat the project next year. 

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