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WIZO Students Win Israeli Award for Tech Innovation

CHW Hadassim students reconized for their next-gen lawn mower

March 28, 2017

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Instead of simply complaining about their summertime household chores, the 10th grade students of the geography track at CHW Hadassim Youth Village invented and built a more perfect lawn mower.

The students' new solar-powered lawn mower, called "Aurora," grew out of their desire to make the task of cutting grass less stressful both on the environment, in terms of pollution, and on human ears, in terms of noise.

תמונה מהגמר תחליפי דלקיםThe Aurora operates on solar energy from a panel it carries, plays pleasant music while it does its work, and can even be maneuvered by remote control, while the operator enjoys a cup of coffee in the garden.

The Aurora won 1st prize in a national innovation competition sponsored by the "Gasoline Alternatives" Administration under the auspices of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. The Aurora will be shown by its young creators from CHW Hadassim at the "Ecomotion 2017" smart transportation international expo, in May.

The students' next goal is to upgrade the lawn mower into an autonomous vehicle, operating on GPS that could perform various other tasks like security, photography and cutting grass in coordination with its own sensor, which will be able to judge the height of a grassy patch and determine, on its own, whether it needs to be cut.