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WIZO Youth Villages Update: CHW Hadassim in Space

The students of CHW Hadassim have been busy exploring space and winning awards for their work.


March 17, 2016
WIZO Youth Villages Update: CHW Hadassim in Space

Students in the space program at the CHW Hadassim Even Yehuda High School won 2nd place at the annual Ilan Ramon Space Olympics Competition, hosted by the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot. The team from CHW Hadassim won the award for its invention, a special telescope for use in classrooms. Over 400 school classes participated in the first stage of the competition, with only 15 making it to the finals. CHW Hadassim's space competition team comprised 38 8th and 9th grade students (13 girls and 25 boys).

The win is a great success for the developing science and space department at the youth village. Two months ago, the famous German astronaut Rheinhold Ewald, visited the school during his week in Israel for International Space Week, held in Jerusalem. The study of space at CHW Hadassim includes all of the main subjects of astronomy: the structure of the universe, evolution of stars, the solar system, the role of satellites in the study of earth from space, the Israeli space program, the storage of information in space, and more.

The Space Olympics Competition was intense and required the students to use creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and understanding of technological and scientific information. The project was led, on a volunteer basis, by Dr. Adi Ninio Greenberg , a (reserve) major in the Israeli Air Force, researcher at  the cometary laboratory at Tel Aviv University's Geophysical , Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Department, and an adviser to the Israel Space Agency.

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