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2016 WIZOuk Commitment Awards in the News

The awards initiative, which recognizes individuals whose work reflects WIZO's values, made headlines last week as it showed Israel to award-winners from a new perspective.

February 17, 2016

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Last week, leaders of the World WIZO federation in Britain, WIZOuk, landed in Israel with six winners of the 2016 WIZOuk Commitment Awards, for a week-long trip in Israel. The awards initiative, now in its second year, recognizes individuals who address the needs of others through social activism.

Each year, the general public nominates entrants to the awards process and a committee of judges selects winners in six categories (social betterment, education, diversity & tolerance, media, environmental innovation and high-tech).

As a prize, the six award winners are taken on a tour of Israel, giving them a look at the country through the lens of WIZO, a 95-year old movement founded on values of Zionism, volunteerism and social betterment.

The trip also affords the award-winners, who are not necessarily Jewish, to get a first-hand look at Israel, its natural beauty, technological innovation and diversity - a look behind the headlines and a response to the growing phenomenon of anti-Israel de-legitimization propaganda in Britain and around the world. Instead of singing the praises of WIZOuk ourselves, below are a few links to mentions of the initiative in the Israeli press as well as interviews with award winners and organizers: