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World WIZO President Visits North America

In Vancouver, New York and New Jersey, Esther Mor met with volunteers, baked challah bread, and delivered the WIZO message to important federation events.

November 13, 2016

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Esther Mor and Debbie Eisenberg

World WIZO President Esther Mor was the guest of honor at CHW's (Canadian Hadassah WIZO) tribute gala dinner for outgoing CHW President Claudia Goldman, last week in Vancouver. In her keynote speech, Esther praised Claudia and CHW for their fantastic work. Esther noted the six daycare centers, two youth villages, three youth clubs and community centers and two women's centers which benefit from the support of CHW.

In paying tribute to Claudia for her two years as president, Esther thanked her for "her love, caring and devotion."

"You are an inspiring leader and role model," said Esther. "Thanks to you, a new dormitory is now absorbing youth from the Na'aleh program." Claudia was visibly moved when Esther presented her with the Rebecca Sieff Award.

Guy and Yahel, an extrememly popular musical duo among Israeli youth, who happen to be graduates of CHW Hadassim, provided entertainment at the event. CHW Hadassim Director Ze'ev Twitto enchanted the audience with his description of students' lives at the youth village.

The day after the gala, Esther was present at CHW's Annual General Meeting, where she gave an inspiring power-point presentation on WIZO's work. At the AGM, Debbie Eisenberg of Ontario was elected as CHW's new president.

From Canada, Esther travelled on to New York, where she was present at a WIZO New York board meeting and met with a group of inspiring young women WIZO volunteers.

Esther also attended the annual WIZO New Jersey Challa Bake event, in which a mind-boggling 1,000 women took part! Amid the scent of baking dough she gave a talk about WIZO's work with battered women.

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